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Remembering Maxwell Seraphim Janiszak

We have recently been welcomed into the club that you never want to be a part of. This is a saying that Reva has mentioned time and time again, and it has resonated with us. While no one wants to be a member of this club, we are so grateful for the love, compassion, and support from our family, friends, Reva, and all of those we have met through the support groups.

We lost our baby boy Maxwell Seraphim Janiszak, stillborn at 28 weeks. Our little ball of fire was dancing around in his mother’s womb which led us to choose his middle name, which meant firey. We later learned from our Rabbi at his funeral that Seraphim also means firey angel.

On December 17, 2021, Samantha and I headed to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling the baby move. Because of COVID, Sam had to go up to the labor and delivery floor by herself. Upon arriving, she was informed they couldn’t find a heartbeat. Despite COVID protocols, the hospital made arrangements for us to be together.

It was later determined that there were complications that made it more difficult for Samantha to deliver baby Max. As a result, she had to be transported to Mt. Sinai hospital in NYC with her mother by her side.

This made things extremely difficult as we were separated from one another at the most difficult time in each of our lives. Furthermore, it was unknown whether or not Samantha would make it through the birthing process.

Baby Max was delivered on December 20, 2021. It wasn’t until December 22 that Samantha was able to return home, on her birthday. While it was devastatingly heartbreaking to have lost our baby boy, it was a blessing that Samantha had pulled through.

After arriving home, we didn’t even know where to begin or how to cope with what we had been through. Thankfully, we were put in touch with Reva Judas from NechamaComfort through a good friend of ours who had recently suffered a loss of her own.

Reva’s kindness, generosity, and compassion have helped us get through these difficult times. We don’t know what we would have done without her support and the support we have received by attending the NechamaComfort support groups.

Reva even attended the burial service we had for Max and has been there for us throughout the healing process. All of the services provided by NechamaComfort come free of charge. Not only do they offer support groups, but they are also there for both the mother and father, and those supporting them throughout the grieving process.

As a result, we are asking for your support to help this amazing organization continue the work they are doing to help those who are going through the tragedy of losing a child.

Samantha & Steve

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