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In Memory of Pesach Judas

Passover is a time for families to be together and celebrate. However, for many families who have experienced infant and pregnancy loss, the holiday can be difficult.

We know that one in four women experience a miscarriage, so there is someone you know going through this difficult time. Thirty-five years ago, our son, Pesach, passed away at the same time as the Passover holiday, he was 12 hours old. Without any resources or guidance, our family suffered in silence. I founded NechamaComfort so that no one should ever feel alone!

Today, we are helping families all over the world and we cannot continue our work without your help. We are grateful to Naomi Eisenberger, Founder of the Good People Fund, for acknowledging our important work. They have offered a matching grant, so your donations count even more.

I invite you all to help, so we can continue our work!

Please help our couples to feel free of shame and to receive the support and guidance to live with their losses. Thank you! Reva Judas

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