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Comfort Conversation with Sherry & Esther: Jewish Burial Society

The seventh day of Adar on the Jewish calendar, is a day where we acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of our Jewish Burial societies, Chevrah Kaddisha, and funeral directors.

We are deeply grateful for the important work women and men do in this field. Their work is known as "Chesed Shel Emet", which is a true act of kindness.

To honor their dedication, we would like to invite you to watch a conversation with two incredible members of the Chevra Kadisha community: Sherry Bensimon, a funeral director and long-time member, and Esther Levie, a NechamaComfort case manager, Chevrah Kadisha member, and NechamaComfort funeral liaison.

They will discuss their special work to support families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss.

Listen and share!

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