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A Journey of Loss, Friendship, and Hope 💕

Updated: May 15, 2023

Shared with permission of Stacey - NechamaComfort friend & client One word to describe today… SURREAL!

After losing Ella, I was connected with an incredible organization @nechamacomfort which works with families who experience pregnancy loss. Through the organization, I met some incredible women! Throughout our journeys, we all knew we wanted to have another baby- and last summer we all found out we were pregnant & due within 6 weeks of one another. Throughout our pregnancies, we leaned on each other, through the intense anxiety & unknowns of pregnancy after loss.

Today, it all became a reality.

As we all got together with our living babies and our amazing friend & founder of @nechamacomfort Reva! Being able to look at one another holding our babies, when we have all seen each other at our absolute worst, was something we could have only imagined a year ago. Last Mother’s Day the 4 of us stood at the cemetery visiting our babies we lost (all of our babies are buried next to each other). This Mother’s Day we will be bringing our babies to meet their siblings… through the immense grief comes incredible joy within these friendships that will last a lifetime!

We & our babies will always have this connection that no one can take away. We proudly introduce: Kenzie (3/4/23), Nate (4/2/23), Charlotte (4/15/23), and Emma (4/25/23). I can not wait to see these babies grow up together- this was truly such a special day!

Love you girls!

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