Woman & Doctor

At the time of loss

In the doctor's office, the hospital or at home, the shock can be overwhelming. Decisions  may have to be made. We can help guide you through the choices, connect you to resources or just be a listening ear.

Extended family

Extended family members are affected by loss too, especially  grandparents who are watching their children suffer.  We help the whole family - aunts & uncles, siblings, etc. - giving them the help they need while showing them how to best support others.

Individual Counseling

On the phone or in person, we understand the pain and trauma of loss. Whether the loss is recent or years ago, whether it happened to you or to your family member or friend, reach out - we can help. If you aren't ready to talk, email or text until you are ready.

Community Awareness

1 in 4 pregnancies results in loss, so every community is affected. Often, people aren't sure how to help. We offer training and practical tools so you can help yourself and others. Check out our "Do's and Don'ts" and contact us to schedule an event.

Support Groups

You are not alone. Share with others who have experienced loss and  take strength from each other. All groups are led by a trained infant/pregancy loss group facilitator.

Professional Training

Doctors, nurses, therapists,  clergy, community leaders, funeral directors  - you are on the front lines of helping families. We can help you to help them. Full of practical advice and actionable tools, schedule a training session today.

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